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A wealth of experience in dealing with
mail providers in the USA & around the world

Direct Mail Injection

Through our association with mail consolidators, we are able to offer a wide range of services using domiciled Post offices in the country of destination. We have a wealth of experience in dealing with mail providers in the USA & around the world, especially in the field of e-commerce.
We ship in bulk & provide customs clearance, & inject directly into the postal authority, which saves time & money. Our aim is to deliver the complete direct mail injection service. We can store your stock ready to implement your fulfilment – whether it requires poly wrapping to hand picking.
Here at Liberty Express we provide the full end-to-end solution, with all the necessary software to achieve it. Check out our Pick & Pack & E-Commerce services for further details of the services that Liberty Express can provide that will help your business progress.

UK Mail

  • 1st & 2nd class post
  • Hand delivery
  • Packeted post
  • Posted Parcels
  • Sent Through Private Post Service
  • Special deliveries
  • Downstream Access services

More About Direct Mail

International Mail

We advise our clients to state their delivery days for every country, zone, total mailing, allowing Liberty to provide the an economical & secure service available within the required time.


Consolidation involves the pick up’s of customers mail occuring daily. Collected mail is counted, weight and itemised by country – before being recorded through analysis of your mail, we then tailor the level of service that is provided for each of our clients, which happens with each of your shipments that is dispatched.
Mail received by the end of every day is collected together by individual countries, which is then weighed, counted & stamped, the data is then added into formal postal statements, after being collected in mailbags for the relevent postal authorities mail is then shipped on, for on-forwarding under the same terms & conditions as other mail.


We take your address and letter data, in addition to your variable statistics & merge together to create a beautiful specialist mailing piece.


Magazines, Brochures, Books, Newspapers & Multipart Mailers. Our vendors can accommodate most C5, A4, symmetrical & regular size packages. These can be fulfilled and handled on their automated wrapping machines

Ink & Video Jetting

Our vendors also supply the latest “High tech” video jet systems, for Ink-jet addressing which provide legible & accurate addresses along with postal impressions & text. In addition they are able to provide logos and additional data, printed directly to your poly wrapped shipments with consistency & speed.

Direct Mail Injection
Direct Mail Injection
International Courier
International Courier
Air Freight
Pick and Pack
Pick & Pack

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